The Rolling Stones

'Forty Winks'

Rolling Stones' fun-loving guitarist Ronnie Wood has lambasted his fellow Stones for preferring bed to partying, according to a report in the Daily Mirror.

Asked why Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts were missing from his all-night house party after their rip-roaring Twickenham gig on Sunday night, Ronnie groaned: "They're all probably in bed. They can't take it. They always have to go home to rest. Instead they leave all the partying up to me."

The Mirror suggested a new Stones' track 'Sympathy for the Duvet'.

What about a whole new album?

Forty Winks
1. Sleepfighting Man
2. The Alarm Clock Is On My Side
3. Little Red Snooze-ter
4. Let's Sleep All Night Together
5. That's How Strong My Snoring Is
6. Who's Been Sleeping Here?
7. As Sheep Go By
8. In Another Land (of Nod)
9. You Can't Always Sleep Where You Want
10. Ruby Duvet
11. Shattered
12. Nap ... Fade Away

Bonus track: (Hey you) Get Off My Pillow

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