Major General Robert Ross

Major General Robert Ross, Victor of Bladensburg 1814

Ross Monument, Rostrevor, County Down

Major General Robert Ross Monument

The Ross Monument, erected to the memory of Major General Robert Ross in 1826, was re-opened on 30 January 2009 after extensive refurbishment costing £120,000 GBP ($175,000 USD).


Major-General Robert Ross
Served with distinction in Holland, Egypt, Italy, Spain and France.
Conquered in America, and fell victorious at Baltimore.
Born 1776.
Hilden 1799, Alexandria 1804, Maida 1806,
Corunna 1809, Vittoria 1813, Ortho 1813, Pyranees 1813,
Bladensburg 1814, Baltimore 1814.

The Obelisk

The officers of a grateful army
which, under the command of the lamented
attacked and dispersed the American forces
at Bladensburg on the 24th of August, 1814,
and on the same day victoriously entered Washington,
the capital of the United States,
inscribed upon this tablet
their admiration for his professional skill,
and their esteem for his amiable private character.
His well-earned fame is also recorded
by the monument erected at his grave
at Halifax, Nova Scotia, by the army in that command,
by that which his mourning officers of the 20th Foot
raised in his Parish Church at Rostrevor;
that placed in St Paulís Cathedral
as the last tribute of a Nationís praise,
by his country.

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